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Coach Rob Southall has played a critical role in the development of my son Dante's conditioning as a young athlete. Coach Rob has an incredible level of expertise and seems to innately know what the perfect recipe for success and results are for each and every one of his clients, no matter their age or individual goals. His skills have unequivocally helped my son to become a standout athlete by making him stronger, faster, more flexible and also mentally tougher. He has a unique way of getting you to actually want to work harder than you even thought was physically or mentally possible. His approach is motivational yet intense. He gives you the know how to achieve results at the micro and macro levels. Coach Rob's services have definitively helped my son to excel as a young athlete. He is an incredibly talented resource in the industry and I would strongly encourage everyone to use his services. Best regards,

~Adriane DePante, Esq., Bloomberg BNA

Coach Rob realizes that each athlete develops at a different pace so he tailors the workout for them and by doing that, he is able to maximize the potential of each athlete. Coach Rob is committed, dedicated, and that is reflective in his overall approach to strength training. He is a consummate professional and I believe that Pittsburgh Pro Fitness will the foundation to the success for many athletes in our area for years to come.

~Phil, Assistant Men’s Basketball Coach St. Vincent College

"Coach Rob Southall has worked with players at The Scoring Factory for several years and his impact has been profound. Not only is he a master at his craft, he's also blessed with a wonderful demeanor and ability to connect with players to get them to push past their self-imposed limits. His training methods lay the groundwork for athletes from any sport to excel and set themselves apart from their peers."

~Pete Strobl, Founder of The Scoring Factory

“Rob is one of the best personal trainers around the Pittsburgh area. Rob cares about overall fitness and healthy eating habits, not just lifting weights. Between my family and my business most of my time was accounted for. I noticed over time I was neglected myself. I always thought I didn’t have the time to work out, until I met Rob. Rob showed me that in just 30-minutes per day of high intensity training, I could get back in to shape. I was amazed how quick my body changed and how much better I felt! I highly recommend setting up your free fitness consultation today!”

~Jason T. Robinson Twp

“What I love about training with Rob is that he brings a positive, but stern, attitude to each session. Rob’s expertise in nutrition and exercise physiology have helped me reach realistic fitness goals, as well as, educate me in maintaining a healthy lifestyle”

~Amy L Coraopolis